August 28

Most Important in getting Good


The Most important ingredient 

So what is required for you to get excellent at tennis?

The First Requirement is Desire.

Why is Desire soo important?

It gives one the courage to try new things.

It is the fuel that keeps one on your path even though things get tough.

It is the power supplying the lighthouse bulb at the sea.

It gets the mind aligned with the goal or destination.

It gives the athlete focus.It helps the person accomplish much in a very short period.

What is Desire?


  • It is to wish or long for something.
  • To want something.
  • Desire is the tension between the actual reality and the imagined reality with the goal or something acquired.

There is also the desire to Move away or Avoid something.

The Avoiding or moving away Motivation is 3 to 5 times more powerful and prevalent than the politically correct Toward motivation. 

Unfortunately, when we focus on what we don't want, the subconscious goal seeking ability in our minds, struggle to process the negative.

For example, when you want to stop drinking Coffee (why would anyone even come up thinking of doing that silly idea).

By thinking about stopping the drinking of coffee, your mind plays back all the sensory sensations of actually drinking the coffee and the feelings associated with the experience.

The process above is the exact process we use to program a goal or desire in our bodies. 

We are going in the wrong direction.

We are making that our goal and not stopping it.

It would be better to work on drinking more water and imagine all the health benefits.

Thereby enabling you to drink more water when you feel the need to drink and not choose coffee.

How do we develop DESIRE?

1. Should we test the person's Desire on a regular basis?

2. Create a Vision Board of goals or a video of ideal strokes.

3. Losing a match is a great Desire builder.

4. Go and watch good tennis.If you watch in person even better.

5. How do we stack the desire and load it up?

6  How do we focus it?

7. How can we identify more with it?

8. How can it saturate in our minds?

Answers in the video 🙂 and a great resource.

1.  There must be an overwhelming DESIRE to want to play. 


                Desire is more important than Talent.

Desire opens up the mind and makes fertile ground for learning new skills.

Thank you,

Coach Carl


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